• A Good Education To Fulfill a Dream

    I am currently in my second year of a degree program in nursing. It has been a long struggle because it took me a while to get this point. I got married at 18 and started a family at an early age. I was a stay-at-home mother for 10 years. Even though I was raising two lovely children, I felt like something was still missing in my life. You see, I had always wanted to be a nurse. I knew that when I was in high school. However, after I married my high school sweetheart, I set aside those goals to raise a family. But those career dreams never died.

    As my children got older, I was thinking about going back to school and pursuing a career in nursing that I had left behind. My husband was fully supportive. We figured out that I can find a nursing program where I could attend classes part time, when my kids are in school. That would not interfere with my responsibilities in spending time with them after school.

    The more we talked about it, the more it looked like it would work. After I made the decision to go back to school, it was like a part of my dream was finally being fulfilled. I felt happier. It was not because I was not happy being a mother. It was another part of me that just needed to cultivate.

    I am fortunate that nurses are in high demand almost in any community. After I get my degree in a couple of years, I can work part-time and supplement the family income. Our family can certainly use the extra money. By then, my children would be old enough to be more independent in their activities.

    I talked to my good friend about my decision to go back to school. She is an insurance agent, and she went to college right after high school. She said that my decision to go back to school is a smart choice because nothing can replace a college education. If I get training as a nurse, I can almost be guaranteed that I would never be unemployed.

    I am really thankful that my husband is so supportive. He has been assuming more responsibilities with the kids and with the household stuff so that I would have enough time to do my school work. I feel like I am finally completing my dream.

  • Freedom to Dream Without Financial Restrictions

    Deciding to attend college is a hard decision to make when you are a student getting ready to graduate from high school. This is a decision that even more complex when you are an adult faced with returning to school. One reason that this is so trying is due to the costs that accrue for degree programs. This was a speed bump in my own life that I had to face.

    Understanding that I was unsatisfied with my current job in retail, I decided 3 years ago that I wanted to go back to school and earn a degree in education. Unfortunately, I lacked the funds that were necessary to pay for college courses needed to earn my teaching degree. So I put the idea of school out of my mind for a few years. However, the desire to take my life in a new direction continued to creep into my mind and heart.

    I realized that I had to contact my local community college and see what type of payment arrangements could be made so that I could continue to pursuit my dream of teaching one day. It was at this time that I had my first experience with the financial aid department at the school. These advisers helped me fill out necessary financial assistance forms and scholarship applications that were available. I was really surprised at how helpful these individuals were throughout the entire process, and even more pleased to see the passion they had for my success.

    One thing that really caught me off guard during my financial assistance search was the massive amount of scholarships that I qualified for. There were scholarships available specifically for adults returning to school, women that wish to enter certain fields of study, and many others. In my mind, scholarships were only offered to graduating seniors in high school. Oh how wrong I was.

    Scholarship funds that I have been granted will not only allow me to pay for the 4 years of courses required for my teaching degree; these funds will also help fund books and other supplies required for these courses. I cannot believe the level of excitement that I now have for returning to school. With the many advisers and sponsors I have met so far, I know that I have a whole team of individuals that are invested in my education and are standing behind me through this exciting endeavor.

  • Two Is Better Than One

    I think one of the greatest ironies of life is that we’re supposed to decide our entire future when we’re too young to really even know what we want. Or at least that’s the excuse I’m going to use as to why nearing the end of my Criminal Justice degree I opted to switch it out entirely and go into forestry! I mean, who in their right mind asks a 16 year old girl what they want to do for the rest of their lives? It’s no surprise there’s so many women in journalism these days, we all love shouting off our opinions! I’ve always been a bit weird, going off the beaten path. But I love this country, and I wanted to help make it safe. So Air Marshall was the goal! Sounded fun, I love travel and learning all the legal framework around our system was interesting, too.

    But around year three I was getting nervous. Really it started in year two, but the little voice in my head was quiet then. By the end of year three, she was nearly as loud as I was when Twilight first came on screen. I knew I no longer wanted to be guarding the skys in first class, sipping wine and reading “How To Spot a Terrorist” magazine. I was going to become a park ranger, or a conservation officer. Yes, I’m the weird one who would prefer to be getting bitten by mosquitoes and drinking Aquafina than living it up a mile above the ground.

    It’s exciting though, and I know my Criminal Justice degree will give me a leg up in the forestry industry as well. Whether I end up making a career out of it or not, there’s a lot of good work to be done as a conservation officer with a solid history in understanding the justice system as well. I’m not sure why that little voice started getting loud, but I’m glad she did. Now not only do I get to learn more, but I’ll get a job where I’ll be basking in the sun all day!

    Justice and forestry. Now if only they made handcuffs small enough for squirrels. Wait, what does a park ranger do again?

  • Wanting to Make a Career in The Music Industry

    Ever since I have been a little kid I have loved the music industry. I just thought it was so cool to see bands get big. I really liked famous people, but mainly musicians. I always wanted to be around them. As I got older, I would go to tons of concerts and send out tons of fan mail. I loved when I was able to get a backstage pass. This was one of my favorite things. Meeting these famous musicians was a huge part of my life, and something that really made a big impact in my life.

    Meeting these famous musicians made me want to get into the music industry. I really wasn’t that inclined to make the music, but I wanted to help make bands big. I started managing local bands, and it was a great learning experience. A lot of cool things started to happen for me. A few of the bands that I started managing when they were small started to get really big. It was a cool thing that started happening, but It also meant that they would get bigger managers when they would get signed to big record labels.

    I started studying what I would need to do in order to manage big bands. What I found out was that I needed to really get an advanced education. This was my ticket to these big entertainers. Getting a masters degree would open the doors for what I would need to do know in order to manage these individuals. This was a new mission that I had found, and I was ready to rock and roll on this crazy dream of mine. I worked hard in high school so that I could get into a good college. I applied for USC, and I was accepted.

    Right now I am currently going to school at USC and getting a business degree. I am specializing in entertainment business, and I am very excited to push forward to the top. This is something that I am ready to really work hard for. I know getting into graduate school isn’t easy, but it is something that is going to help me create an amazing life for myself and really accomplish my dreams. I am so excited to get my masters degree and start working with really famous artists as their managers. This is a huge dream of mine and I can’t wait to accomplish it.